Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Xbox One's Fast-Loading Feature Is Out

Fast Start
Xbox's July update has just rolled out to consoles and it introduces an exciting feature: FastStart. It's designed to prioritize the files necessary to start playing a game and download those first. That way, users can cut down the time between downloading a game and firing it up.

FastStart works by applying machine learning to identify which parts of the game are required for full-fledged gameplay. This is what differentiates it from the Ready to Start feature. It will allow users to launch a game about twice as fast as they were able to before. If the game has FastStart enabled, all they have to do is start downloading it. The user's console will automatically take care of the rest.

The catch is that the feature is only available right now on certain English-language titles in the Game Pass catalog. However, the FastStart feature will be expanding to additional games in multiple languages soon.

The July update also brings a new way to organize apps and games with "Groups." Additionally, the update provides more robust search options; pressing the Y button while users are on the dashboard will bring up the search menu.

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