Monday, January 23, 2017

Liberals Like To Bully Children

Julie Bowen
How do liberals in the U.S. get their kicks? By bullying a child like Barron Trump.

Julie Bowen tried hard to be funny, but no one is laughing at her inappropriate banter. The "Modern Family" second-rate actor posted a few Instagram photos during President Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony focusing on his 10-year-old son with wife, Melania.

She joked that Barron was probably playing with his Game Boy during the ceremony (even though the elementary school kid was probably not alive when the handheld games were a big thing). She followed this up by saying Barron having different political beliefs than dear old dad and that the rest of the world was with him.

She also joked that he was wiping away a tear.

The comedian, who’s always trying her best to get meager laughs, was criticized by several Trump supporters in Twitter who called her out for choosing "to focus on a child?" and asked: "What if the son was one of your own? You make me laugh weekly. This makes me sad."

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Expect More of Melania Trump's Stylish Wardrobe

Melania Trump
Melania Trump’s outfit for the first inauguration activities, which included a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider in Arlington National Cemetery, left an impression of respect. According to WWD, her simple black coat and dress were the work of Norisol Ferrari, a New York designer whose biological father is a wounded veteran.

The incoming U.S. First Lady's outfit drew attention to a relatively small-scale American designer. According to WWD, Ferrari met Trump through Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a senior advisor to her brand and former Met Gala organizer at Vogue who helped plan the inauguration.

Ferrari, whose Instagram includes pictures of Bella Hadid and Demi Moore wearing her looks, sells to a small number of stores including Maxfield in Los Angeles and Richards in Greenwich, CT.

The Trump administration will feature some of the famous designer to come forward and this will probably include Ralph Lauren and Karl Lagerfeld.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Not Good News for Pokémon GO Players

Pokemon Go
Pokémon GO players thought that the game needs some updates and Niantic will provide new features after the end of Christmas. Niantic did release information about the first new patch coming to the game in a while, but its not what game players expected.

Other than fixing an egg issue on Apple Watch and traditional "minor text fixes," the patch also said that it "changed distance tracking to better account for GPS drift." For avid players, that is not good.

When players play Pokémon GO, even if they are standing still, they will often see their character move around, usually slightly, but sometimes they'll just jump around pretty significantly. This is called "GPS drift" where the satellites get a little scrambled about their exact position, so they either move a little or jump around a bit.

Given that Pokémon GO tracks egg hatching and buddy distance through GPS, not a pedometer, these small GPS drift shifts can actually add up over time and give players distance even when they're standing still.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Philippine Just Passed The "Muffler Act of 2016"

Muffler Act of 2016
The Philippines doesn’t have an existing noise limit. The best that the country has is the obsolete 1977 law which states:

"Industrial establishments shall be provided with positive noise abatement devices to tone down the noise level of equipment and machineries to acceptable limits set down by the Department of Labor and the National Pollution Control Commission."
As a results, it is normal or permanent daily fixture to see motorcycles with noisy, ear-splitting, mufflers so loud they can probably wake the dead. To bike mod enthusiasts, this probably isn't a big deal, but to the rest of the civilized world, it can be enough to bring the day to ruin.

The noise pollution on our streets can be annoying as it is, and it can even get more disruptive when loud bikes are added to the mix. Loud bikes sound that way because their owners install, remove or modify their mufflers, creating a booming sound that can be heard even from a kilometer away. When a noise can be that loud, so many people can be affected, so naturally, the argument can easily escalate from a single disgruntled neighbor to the involvement of a barangay representative, and when that happens, you know that things are getting serious.

A recently filed bill however, seeks to criminalize the practice. Dubbed the Muffler Act of 2016, the bill seeks to ban motorcycles and all sorts of vehicles, both public and private, from using any modified form of muffler that only serves to make the output louder. The bill also sets a noise limit for the vehicles, requiring them to be no louder than 70 decibels. The bill exempts vehicles designed for use in sports competitions and motor shows.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tesla's Model 3 Could Pay Off

Elon Musk
The biggest test that Tesla and CEO Elon Musk will face in 2017 is the successful launch of the Model 3 mass-market vehicle, expected to be priced at around US$ 30,000 once tax breaks and credits are applied.

The Model 3 will deliver more than 200 miles of range on a single charge and benefit, for a fee, from Tesla extensive Supercharger network, which will enable long-distance drives.

After selling US$ 100,000 luxury sedans for several years and adding a luxury SUV in the Model X in 2015, the company is finally unleashing a Tesla for the rest of us.

Nearly 400,000 per-orders for the Model 3, at $1,000 apiece, certainly prove that the rest of us is a sizable group. That's an unprecedented level of advance demand for an automobile, of any sort.