Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Slim And Sexy EmRat In Cool Outfit

Cool off-duty outfits is what Emily Ratajkowski is known for and she showing everyone again how to be sexy, fit and fashionable one can be. On that note, EmRata hit the streets of New York City over the weekend (with an iced coffee in one hand and her adorable dog in the other) wearing an Orseund Iris white T-shirt with perfect Re/Done cropped ankle jeans, and she completed the look with the classic US$ 70 Nike Cortez sneakers.

The sneaker takes most of the attention, but it is the slender and not fat frame of EmRat that had everyone fawning at her. The entire image depicts a fit person wearing a vintage quality attire.

For those who wants to admire the slim body of Ratajkowski, there are only two ways to get it: exercise and diet. Stop admiring those obese and overweight women because it will only send a wrong signal that you are supporting unhealthy living and mental delusions.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Stylish Sheer Bride Dress Is Trending

Sheer Bride Dress
A wonderful trend has been making its way from awards night red carpets to bridal boutiques. However, not many brides feel comfortable embracing.

Nude or completely sheer wedding dresses are hitting catwalks in their thousands, and as one Australian bride just found out, they leave almost nothing to the imagination.

Newly engaged YouTuber Tina Yong decided to try on some cheap wedding dresses for her two million subscribers and was horrified with the lack of modesty offered by one design.

"Oh my god is this see-through?" she exclaimed as she unwrapped the gown, "Is there another layer? This one is so sheer!"

While the dress in question only cost AUS$ 11 (£6) online - and it's clear she got what she paid for - what many fat and obese brides are concerned about is the fact that more and more wedding dresses priced in their thousands and stocked in boutiques around Australia are also featuring this completely sheer trend.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Marvel's Massive Comic Book On Its 80th Anniversary

Marvel @ 80
Marvel Comics is now celebrating its 80th anniversary and they are doing it with a massive issue that pays tribute to its history and introduces a new object with implications for the superhero universe going forward.

The Marvel Comics 1000 issue, available last 29 August, pays homage to many of Marvel's most recognizable characters, including Iron Man, the Hulk and Spider-Man, and also spotlights some lesser known ones. Each page is devoted to a year in Marvel's history, with the first one recounting the creation of the Human Torch in Marvel Comics No. 1 in 1939.

A mix of serious and humorous stories follows, like the page devoted to 1944 in which Captain America explains why he fights, Dr. Strange's struggle to keep his magic cape smelling fresh (1951), the introduction of Groot (1960) and a page devoted to Iron Man's suit for 2008, the year Marvel's blockbuster film franchise launched.

"I definitely wanted this to be a range of experiences and not have it be an 80-page chucklefest" nor "an 80-page downer," said Tom Brevoot, the issue's editor.