Monday, November 2, 2015

Stars Join Halloween Tradition

Lily Collins
Whenever you take a public transport to work during Halloween, odds are it will be a little different than regular days. Instead of the usual lineup of individuals in business casual, you may have spotted a few more cat ears than on a normal 31 October morning — maybe even a wig or two.

Yes, after much anticipation, Halloween has arrived and it's time to start showing off your costume savvy. Luckily, our favorite celebrities and fashion folk have already kicked things off.

No matter where you fall on the enthusiasm scale — planner, procrastinator, extra lazy, or oh-my-god-the-party-is-in-an-hour — there's costume inspiration anywhere you look, courtesy of the people who take this holiday very seriously. Chrissy Teigen got in the game before we even started tallying and Heidi Klum has yet to make her big reveal for this year, but plenty of others have put their best costumed foot forward.

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