Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Funny Depiction of The 80's Basketball Team

Soccer player Antoine Griezmann, an Atletico Madrid forward, is considered as one of the most likable players in world football. His game is delightful. He plays and celebrates with joy.

Last 17 December, he top all of it with an amazing picture of himself in a blackface costume, with the caption, "80’s Party." It was an instant hit and everyone praised Griezmann for his creative non-Halloween costume and rendition.

The French striker's photo on social media became a trending topic and was shared a thousand time for its funny depiction of a Harlem Globetrotters basketball player from the decades back.

He could have easily done this costume with just the wig, the jersey and the shorts. But it would not be funny. After painting his face and whole body black, everyone from all corners of the globe had a fit of laughter.

Griezmann is an avid basketball fan who regularly visits NBA games in the U.S.

For the critics, watch the movie "White Chicks" first.

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