Monday, July 17, 2017

Fatties Cannot Believed Sexy and Pregnancy Can Go Together

Healthy Baby Bump
Sexy model Sarah Stage is famed for her supremely toned tummy, but the popular Instagram star is no stranger to body criticism, especially from fatties who are too flabby to even jump an inch from the ground.

Stage first caught the attention of social justice warriors (SJWs) that found exercising too tiring for their overweight bodies to handle during her first pregnancy. After posting a picture showcasing a tiny baby bump at full term, the criticism from the fat community was immediate.

"You should go to the doctor," one morbidly obese follower responded.

"This is f—ing weird!!!! Where the hell is the baby?" said another whose mass index are off the roof.

Now pregnant with her second child, Stage is facing similar backlash from the unhealthy lifestyle promoters.

She recently shared a progress picture to mark six months of pregnancy, but once again her baby bump is hidden behind a tight set of abs.

Fortunately, Stage supporters outnumber the pathetic and lazy bunch of keyboard pundits. Many praise Stage for her determination to keep a healthy pregnancy and wish her baby a safe delivery.

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