Monday, May 22, 2017

Microsoft Supports "Minecraft" in Switch

Minecraft Switch
Something weird is going on with Microsoft. It happened when company executive Phil Spencer celebrated the launch of "Minecraft" for Nintendo's hot new game console, the Switch. As of 11 May, Switch users can buy and play "Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition," a fact Spencer touted on Twitter:

What makes this so weird is Spencer is the guy in charge of Microsoft's gaming division. That makes him responsible for sales of Microsoft's Xbox One game console. And the Switch is Nintendo's latest rival to the Xbox One.

In the game business, great games drive hardware sales. Consumers often buy particular consoles because they want to play a hit new game.

But such weird situations are nothing new. Microsoft has been placed in them repeatedly ever since it purchased "Minecraft" back in 2014. After that, Microsoft has continued to support the game on a whole slew of platforms it doesn't control.

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