Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Model Claims To Be Fat When She's Not

Mika Kang
When will social justice warriors learn that their propaganda machine is not working anymore. Their latest move involved Mia Kang who they claim is a "supermodel" when others says otherwise.

She was included in Sports Illustrated and shot in the most sexualized way possible in a magazine, even if SJW claim it was not. She claims to be size 4-6 and immediately SJWs assumed she was curvy and fat and Kang agrees with that.

"I’m a size 4-6, I'm sane and healthy, and I have self-confidence for the first time in my life," the supermodel pretender tells Yahoo Style. "I’m not going to conform anymore, and I'm tired of hating myself."

Well, newsflash. Size 4-6 is not fat nor curvy. Not all Americans can fit that size, which is considered a fair measurement.

Kang should realized that in this day and age fat does NOT equal good health and health care costs are rising to unsustainable levels. There are many lazy slobs out there who stuff their faces, get sick as a result, and expect the rest of the taxpaying public to bail them out with expensive treatments.

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