Sunday, February 26, 2017

"Teaspoon Diet" Transformed A Fat Girl Into a Sexy Model

Being Fat is Not OK
Being fat all through one's life is nothing to be proud of. Despite the misguided campaign of the left to convince the public that being fat is acceptable, well, it is not. Being fat leads to obesity and all kind of health problems. But there is a solution.

Mathilde Broberg, 21, from Aarhus, Denmark, once tipped the scale at 266 pounds and had a body mass index that pushed her into the morbidly obese category.

The svelte Danish stunner now models and works as a physical trainer after she shed her extra weight by cutting out junk and measuring her portions with a teaspoon.

"Before, I would buy all the things you dream of like chips, chocolate, cake, noodles and lots of junk food between meals," Broberg told Caters, adding that she was an over-eater until the age of 16.

She finally decided to change her eating habits, a teaspoon at a time, after spotting an unflattering photo of herself in a school play.

"After seeing a picture from our school production, I realized how big and knew there was no way I could go to college looking how I did, I knew it would be a living nightmare," Broberg told Caters.

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