Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nintendo Will Meet Demand for Switch Consoles

Nintendo Switch Console
Good news for Nintendo gamers. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime just assured everyone in a recent interview that they won’t experience a limited availability of the new Nintendo Switch console when it arrives this March.

In fact, the company has already stated that 2 million units will ship worldwide during the first month the console will be on the market. However, he knows that customers have concerns about availability after the whole NES Classic Edition rollout that took place in November.

"I read the boards and I read the comments, that there is concern about supply," he said. "From what I've read, the concern seems to stem from the lack of ability to buy NES Classic."

The NES Classic Edition console hit the market last 10 November in Japan and Australia, followed by the United States, the Philippines, and Europe a day later, and on 23 November in Russia. In the States, the console sold out immediately online and offline, with gamers lining up outside doors long before stores opened. After that, the console was in limited supply throughout the holidays, pushing customers and retailers alike to wonder if Nintendo limited the console’s availability to increase demand.

"The good news, at least for consumers in the Americas, is we’re going to continue to make the NES Classic available,” he said. “With the ongoing level of supply, the ongoing demand is going to be met. We know the concern."

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