Saturday, February 25, 2017

Nintendo Just Refreshed Account IDs

Nintendo Refreshed
Nintendo has just refreshed its account system's landing page this week by adding a new functionality to prepare for a possible Switch’s launch on 3 March 2017. the refresh includes the introduction of the Nintendo Account ID, yet another username that Nintendo fans need to go set up and link to their systems.

The Nintendo Account ID is different from the Nintendo Network ID, a similar but separate account name used on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. To choose a Nintendo Account User ID, users need to log into the Nintendo Account website, where User ID is now included under the User Info section.

From there, assigning an ID is easy, although like any username service, there are no duplicate IDs allowed. That means that obvious choices like Mario and Nintendo are long gone, but so are slightly more atypical IDs like Allegra. (I’m coming for you, whoever you are.)

The good news is that it looks as though User IDs aren’t set in stone. All it takes is composing an original string of at least six characters.

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