Saturday, November 5, 2016

Can Any Car Become a Smart Car?

If latest car accessory is asked this question, then the answer is a resounding yes.

It’s called Navdy, and it’s the latest in the HUD category, and can make ALMOST any car become a smart car.

With the power of projection and a full-color, flip-up display, the Navdy adjusts to the preferred viewing angle on the dashboard. Driving directions, texts, and incoming calls will display in front of the driver, appearing to hover over the hood of their car, while the driver safely keep their eyes on the road. It can display texts or read them aloud. It reads hand gestures: Swipe right to answer a call. Left to ignore it.

Not a bad little accessory for US$ 800. It beats spending thousands of dollars on a new smart car.

However, before even considering the Navdy, drivers will have to make sure it'll work with their cars, as it requires an OBD II port. That shouldn't be a problem for many people, though, as most vehicles from 1996 and later in the US should have one. If the car fits within these parameters (and, frankly, most will), they are good to go.

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