Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Game Console For Everywhere

Nintendo Switch
After several months of speculations and guessing games, which was made more agonizing by the Wii U’s poor performance, Nintendo released a trailer announcing that its next console will be called the Nintendo Switch, and will launch in March 2017.

The Nintendo Switch will be a "hybrid" console that can be used at home on a TV, and also as a portable console similar to Nintendo's Game Boy and DS lines. Players can move the console from its home configuration to its portable one on the fly in a nearly-instant operation, hence the name “Switch.”

When using the console at home, the two sides of the device, which Nintendo called "Joy-Con" controllers, slide off of the console and connect into a holster called the Joy-Con Grip, to make the console’s home controller. The console’s center clicks into a base station, which connects to a TV or monitor.

Nintendo originally disclosed that it was working on a new console, code-named "NX," during a March 2015 earnings report. While the announcement confirmed many of the leaks and reports released by news outlets and pundits in the last year, there’s a still a lot that many don’t know about Nintendo’s new console, including its final release date, its price, detailed technical specifications, and information on its first games.

Nintendo announced it will reveal more details on the Switch launch, including its exact release date and pricing, during a Tokyo press event on 12 January 2017. Until then, everyone will have to wait for the next update on Nintendo’s upcoming system.

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