Monday, September 26, 2016

Pokémon GO Offers New Features Regularly

Pokémon GO
They say that, in gaming, there are often many controversies about final products being less than what was promised. Every year, players see this such as when it was apparent in "No Man’s Sky," where the final game delivered only a portion of what players thought they would be getting.

Strangely, however, everyone is now seeing the exact opposite happen with Nintendo’s Pokémon GO Plus peripheral. It’s something that actually does more than was advertised.

Past that, Pokémon GO Plus is flat-out doing things that Nintendo specifically said it wouldn’t do. Now, only after it's on sale (and mostly sold out) is that being made clear.

For instance, one of the primary questions about Pokémon GO Plus has been whether or not the peripheral would track distance for egg hatching, and now the buddy system, which requires users to go on walks to train Pokémon. Fans have been puzzling about this for ages because it was never listed as a feature, and it frankly seemed unlikely this flimsy US$ 35 device would have GPS tracking capabilities, given that GO doesn’t use a more simplistic pedometer to measure distance.

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