Saturday, July 16, 2016

This Is Definitely A Plus-Size Model

Plus-Size Model
Another day, another opportunity for some social justice warrior to make themselves relevant by creating controversy. This time, there target is the popular clothing brand.

ASOS recently featured a plus-size model in their Instagram post, but the few and the loud irrelevant voices immediately reacted to the image claiming that the model certainly couldn’t be regarded as plus-size and the brand should remove the wording altogether.

It's amazing that these critics did not have their their glasses on because from all sides and angles, the model above is definitely a plus-size. Anything bigger than that should be considered extra-ordinary large and an unhealthy obese.

There is no question that model and travel film-maker NaomiShimada is a very attractive young lady, but her pose is really not that great for a plus-size. Why would anyone have her pose with her feet pointing toward each other?

Also, the dress is too tight and stretches over her tummy. One size larger would have made the dress flow on her figure instead of clinging to her lower body. So many women are wearing dresses and pants that are just plain too tight. Nobody is saying that she should wear a tent, but a lot of times women would look a lot more classy and attractive if they wore a slightly larger size.

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