Friday, May 20, 2016

The Increasing Appeal of Thigh Gap Jewellery

Thigh Gap Jewellery
Thigh gap is increasingly becoming the hottest aspirational trends for young women. And now a jewellery website is catering to this new healthy lifestyle, selling bespoke gold chains designed to hang in the space created by two concave thighs.

The pieces created by Soo Kyung Bae, a designer from Singapore for company TGAP, retail between US$ 175 and US$ 195.

The 18k gold plated pieces are designed as chains that loop around the tops of the thighs, dangling a gold tassel between the thighs. The attractive jewellery was created for highly proportional and sexy women - rather than the obese, double-chinned, and flab-endowed women whose fat legs touch above the knee.

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