Thursday, April 7, 2016

GapKids Ad Sparked Controversy

A few days ago, the GapKids ad campaign was released and it quickly sparked a racially charged controversy that has people infuriated. The images shot for the GapKids x Ellen DeGeneres campaign feature a photo of four young models flaunting their fashions and acrobatic skills. However, one photo in particular has prompted remarks of racial insensitivity, as one older white model is seen propping her arm up on the head of the only young black girl, as you would on a chair.

The campaign is built around the values of empowering young girls and proving that they can achieve anything, but Twitter users argue that the advertisement only shows that for a young black girl, that means being used as a white person's "armrest."

Although the true meaning and inspiration behind the shoot is unclear, Twitter believes having a diverse set of eyes approving campaigns like this could prevent such images and the backlash that inevitably ensues. Gap and Ellen have yet to comment on the public's reaction to the campaign.

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