Saturday, March 5, 2016

Can Mobile App Tribe Compete?

Tribe App
Tribe, is a new social app for iOS and Android it is going head-to-head against Taptalk, Snapchat and countless other social messaging apps. Tribe is an interesting take on messaging thanks to its heavy focus on video and neat design.

At heart, Tribe isn’t reinventing the wheel. Everything the user can do in Tribe also works in Snapchat or Taptalk. And yet, Tribe focuses on only a few use cases and doesn’t try to do everything, making it a refreshing approach to messaging. Here’s how it works.

When you open Tribe, you get a grid view of all your friends. To record and send a video, you just need to hold your finger on someone’s picture and then release it. And that’s it. You can’t write text or add emojis on top of your video. It’s a constrained medium.

Like in Taptalk, you can also create groups to send a video to multiple people at once. If someone sends you a message, a red badge indicates that you have unread messages. When you tap on a badge, the video fills up the entire screen, showing a looping sequence with location and weather data from your friend.

And, you guessed it, once you tap on the video to close it, it disappears forever. The startup also deletes messages from its servers. Optionally, you can also send audio messages, but it’s clear that video is the central part of the app.

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