Thursday, February 11, 2016

Marvel Comics Sale Down Because of New Characters

All New Marvel Sales is Down
After essentially cancelling their entire line for the mega-successful "Secret Wars" last October 2015, Marvel relaunched their entire line and it is not performing well.

DC is known as the reboot company, but Marvel has become the relaunch company. Some books are coming back with the same creative teams but with a new direction (SPIDER-GWEN), while others are going to be completely different (NEW AVENGERS).

There has been a reasonable amount of retailer head scratching about the consumer interest in the relaunched series being less than they would have expected. There were clues to this in the October sales estimates, with "Iron Man" (a title Marvel was pushing as a flagship for the relaunch) having dropped from 279,514 copies of #1 to a comparatively puny 66,664 for #2, according to estimates from Comichron. What were the estimates for Iron Man #3 in November? 59,069.

Aside from "Iron Man," "New Avengers #3" – can only manage an embarrassing 41,630 copies, which is roughly the sales level the previous series ended at. the main complaint was that, Avengers fan are not happy having a female Thor and an African-American Captain America. Unless Marvel brings back the original characters, the sales of this title is expected to go down.

"Captain America Sam Wilson #3" also suffers the same fate as the New Avengers with a despicable 33,984 copies off the stand. These figures are way below the regular Captain America series featuring Steve Rogers.

Doctor Strange is the only one everyone have confidence will be selling above 50K by issue 6.

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