Friday, February 5, 2016

Annoying Customer Ignored by Tesla

Tesla Model X
There was a marketing mantra that says, "customers are always right." However, if you are the owner of a rare piece of luxury item that everyone is looking to buy, then the customer is not the primary consideration, but the seller.

This was the case of Tesla when they decided that they won't sell anything to an undesirable customer, but instead serve others who are asking for the same product to buy.

The transaction was featured on Medium by venture capitalist Stewart Alsop. In it, Alsop claims that Tesla canceled his order for a Model X SUV, asserting that it was because of an earlier post where Alsop criticized Tesla CEO Elon Musk for starting its September Model X launch event nearly two hours late (and for not providing food).

Alsop's Medium stream is full of articles criticizing companies and their products and customer service. It's likely that many of those companies deserved the criticism. But if a company is so terrible and you have reasonable alternatives, why keep buying stuff from them? It seems that Tesla embraced that same mantra, and decided that Mr. Alsop simply wasn't worth the trouble.

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