Sunday, January 24, 2016

BMW Motorrad's New Concepts at CES 2016

BMW Motorrad
At the 2016 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES), BMW Motorrad introduced two new concepts that, if given the green light, will set BMW's motorcycle division ahead of almost every other motorcycle manufacturer in the world. And it was not some new fancy mechanical technology that allows for pavement skimming lean angles, but rather two important pieces of safety technology.

The first new product BMW Motorrad introduced was the company’s new HUD helmet. The concept for a HUD helmet has been around for quite some time, however this appears to be the first that’s truly come into existence. Other helmet makers like Skully, have been promising a HUD helmet for years, but have yet to deliver a finished product to its investors. BMW could beat them to the punch if this helmet makes production.

Additionally, BMW debuted a version of the company’s new Laser Light headlights first seen on the brand new 7-Series. The new headlight doubles the previous headlight design’s distance, which comes out to be 600 meters total.

BMW’s Motorrad department have been on a role lately, and with these two new technologies possibly making their way to production, it could be a new BMW motorcycle renaissance that puts BMW atop the luxury motorcycle pile.

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