Friday, December 4, 2015

Unreleased Bugatti Sells for US$ 2.4 M

Bugatti Chiron
What's crazier than buying a US$ 2 million car? Buying a US$ 2 million car that you have not been able to see pictures of — let alone test-drive.

Bugatti said last 30 December that it will unveil its new hypercar, called the Chiron, at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Despite the fact that there are no official pictures of the car, and no one has been able to test-drive it, the company has already received 100 orders for the car.

That's especially impressive because while Bugatti has yet to announce a price, wealthy car collectors who have attended special preview events for the car tell CNBC that the sticker price for the Chiron will be US$ 2.4 million. To order the car, buyers are required to put down a US$ 200,000 deposit.

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