Sunday, December 6, 2015

Kylie in Interesting Wheelchair Cover Photo

Kylie In A Wheelchair
Controversy is a regular visitor at the Kardashian/Jenner photoshoot, but this time it sent Twitter into a mad craze. This time it's the youngest of reality TV's first family that is drawing all the Twitter attention.

Kylie Jenner graces the cover of Interview Magazine's latest issue, but the photo of the young, able-bodied socialite in a wheelchair has offended the so-called sensitive minority who don't have anything better to do that to look for fault on others. The harmless picture has Jenner sitting dolled up in a Lady Gaga "Papparazzi"-esque wheelchair.

The other editorial shots for the interview have Jenner in the same attractive doll makeup but standing or posing in other provocative positions - including a bent over shot that shows off Jenner's backside in butt-less chaps.

Writer Chris Wallace talked to Kylie Jenner for December's issue on the day she and her sisters filmed the instantly infamous Kris Jenner birthday video. She gave honest answers to his questions and still remained poised and comfortable. It's a very interesting interview because of how good Kylie Jenner is at being true to herself, which many are jealous of.

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