Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nintendo's 'Holy Grail' Has Been Found

Nintendo's Holy Grail
GameSpot has just reported that Nintendo's Holy Grail of Game Memorabilia has been discovered.

An extraordinarily rare prototype of the SNES-CD console, which was created as part of a failed partnership between Nintendo and Sony some 25 years ago was found by the son of a businessman who had ties with a former Sony executive, believed to be Olafur Olafsson, who was the chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment in 1991.

The console is so rare that its specific design features, such as a horizontal volume slider at the front and an assortment of outputs at the back, were not public knowledge. There are several other known prototypes of the SNES-CD, each with different variations on its design, which likely means that the version pictured above is the only in existence.

The console is historically significant because it represents the brief partnership between Nintendo and Sony prior to its intense rivalry that still exists today.

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