Friday, April 3, 2015

'Inferno' Series from Marvel

Inferno Series
There is another spot on "Battleworld", the Marvel Universe's upcoming world, has been revealed!

"Inferno" is inspired by the late '80s crossover and it'll be written by Dennis Hopeless and illustrated by Javier Garron. In this version of "Inferno", the X-Men didn't save the day and New York turned into a "permanent Hell on Earth." This series will take place five years after the city was lost and it follows Colossus leading a group of mutants. Their objective: rescue Illyana Rasputin, the strong X-Man's sister.

Hopeless calls Colossus "a man obsessed" and says saving his sister is the most important thing to him. He's tried for years and failed four times. "On the flip side of that, Illyana has been living all these years as Darkchylde, the all-evil all-powerful badass ruler of the "Inferno". That little girl lost routine was a lifetime ago and her brother’s noble quest is laughable."

No word yet on when the series will go on sale and whether it'll be a limited series or an ongoing.

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