Friday, September 21, 2018

Changes in World Cup 2022

World Cup 2022
Changes will be made in the next World Cup to be held in Qatar on 2022.

It is not about the overrated human rights issues or will it be about the despicable gay lifestyles. In fact, those are the things that will be strengthen because those are the ones that drew massive and record-breaking crowds.

The changes will be ablut crowd flows in the fan park.

"What we saw in Moscow, which has two stadiums, is that a city can be very quickly overwhelmed by big crowds," Spanish newspaper Marca reports Nasser Al Khater, the deputy head of the 2022 organisation team, as saying. "So this is something that we need to take note of, and this is something that we need to consider going back to Qatar."

With laws banning displaying gay propaganda, Qatari delegation expects more tourists will visit the country to watch the sports spectacle in 2022.

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