Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Relieving The Epic Schooling of Cathy Newman

Dr. Jordan Petersen
This is incredible. One of the most epic discussion and exchanges last January 2018 and almost ten million people watched how Cathy Newman, Channel 4 News anchor, got owned and dried in the pulsating sun by Dr. Jordan Peterson.

The number of viewers must be unique in the history of UK Channel 4 News online. Only a few minutes were broadcast on the original news programme, but Channel 4 then put out the full half-hour on YouTube, perhaps miscalculating the effects of watching the allegedly 'transphobic' Canadian clinical psychologist whose book "12 Rules for Life" is selling out.

Peterson attempts a clear exposition of his views about the differences between women and men. Despite every effort by Newman, he succeeds. Her method is to try to reduce his nuanced remarks to a hostile caricature, so she begins sentence after sentence with "What you're saying is ...". He is never saying what she says he is saying, and he patiently explains why. It is simply riveting.

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