Thursday, December 21, 2017

Honda’s Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Is A Bargain

Honda Clarity
The Honda Clarity line is now complete. After introducing the lease-only pure EV back in July, the Plug-In Hybrid and Fuel Cell models are here.

Besides badges and refueling ports, the Clarity vehicles look identical. But their powertrains are different enough that it's almost like driving three completely different cars.

While the differences behind the wheel are noticeable, the platform itself and the interior mostly make for an enjoyable driving experience regardless of the user's drivetrain preference. The Fuel Cell version of the car handled nicely during my short time with it, but the limited refueling infrastructure means it's still an early adopter car, particularly for those lucky enough to live near fueling stations.

It's the Plug-In Hybrid (starting at US$ 33,400) that will appeal to most customers. As with the EV before it, Honda has created a luxury experience in a midclass four-door sedan.

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