Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Admirable Litany About LGBT's Imagined Rights

This was posted by somebody called "Finn" at the Yahoo! comment section:

"What you choose to do in private is your business. What you choose to do in public makes it public business. The public does not want men in women's restrooms, locker rooms, spas and gyms.

You cite genetic abnormalities and mutations as 'evidence' that transgenderism is a biological imperative rather than a personal choice, when you know it is not so. You have as much chance of being born with two heads as the inter-sex conditions you reference.

You really have absolutely no clue as to why people object to your demands for equality, nor do you care.

This was a non-problem until you and other activists started demanding that everyone else buy into your sexual fantasy world of dress up. Once the Feds under that idiot Lynch became involved, everything changed.

You see, that once transgenders were made a separate protected class under Title IX, it became necessary to *define* just what a transgender is. And that is where the ENTIRE problem lies.

Because the definition was not based upon biological factors, the definition is very wide, and very vague. Just "claiming" you feel a certain affinity to live as a woman has opened a *HUGE* loophole in the law. A loophole that those who press for 'gender based upon biology' laws like myself feel leaves women, and especially young women and girls, vulnerable.

No, we do not think that transgender individuals will be lurking in wait to molest our wives and daughters. The entire problem lies with an over-reaching federal nanny state and a sloppy definition that allows those who *would* prey on women, access to areas where women are most vulnerable.

Activists like you minimize the potential, dismissing it as a straw man argument, and claiming that those like myself are merely using it as an excuse to discriminate. You belittle, insult, and dismiss our legitimate concerns as irrational.

You filter everything through a selfish prism of you self-serving demands and casually and indifferently disregard the very real possibility that you will be making women and children victims.

I don't really care rat spit what your sexual proclivities may be. This was not a problem until activists and the nanny state became involved.

Transgenders make up less than 1% of the population. Your sympathizers make up less than 10% of the population. If you had expressed any concerns at all about what the unintended consequences of the legislation you hastily threw together might be, I would have been happy to leave the status quo what it had been for decades, "Don't ask, Don't tell"

But that's *NOT* what you did, and that is why you are seeing, and will continue to see, increased resistance to your sexual and political agenda.


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