Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Next Supermodel, According to Kendall

Kaia Gerber
Kendall Jenner is a pro in front of the camera as well as an experienced photographer. She knows what she's doing and can spot a promising white beauty when she sees one.

Kendall had the chance to exercise her photography skills by shooting Kaia Gerber for Love Magazine's "The Fans Issue." The two are already friends IRL so what do you get when you pair a young up-and-coming model with an It model? Magic.

During the shoot, Kendall even shared that Kaia will one day become a friendly rival in the industry: "She's getting more beautiful, which I did not even think was possible. Listen, we're all trying to get all our work in now before she hits the scene. When that happens we'll all go broke!"

There's no doubt Kaia will succeed. Why? Because she is following in the footsteps of mom, no other than, Cindy Crawford.

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