Friday, June 9, 2017

Controversial Marvel Illustrator's Career May Be Over

Gold Edition
A Muslim Illustrator Ardian Syaf has apologized on Facebook for including two panels he drew in X-Men Gold #1 that made references to a Koranic verse sometimes interpreted as having anti-Christian and anti-Jewish meanings, and a controversy surrounding it in Indonesia.

In the details of a panel, Syaf, an Indonesian, Muslim artist, had included a reference to a verse in the Quran that is linked to a blasphemy investigation of the governor of Indonesia’s capital. The verse referenced has been used by some to argue that Christians and Jews cannot be trusted.

Last year, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, who is Jakarta’s first Christian governor, spoke against the verse in a manner viewed by some as disrespectful to Islam.

There is a second reference to an anti-Basuki protest, the appearance of the number 212 on a storefront in the background. And in a third panel, Kitty Pryde — a Jewish super-hero — stands with her back to the viewer, and a jewelry store sign in the distance frames her with the letters J-E-W.

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