Friday, June 30, 2017

Barron Trump As A Fashion Icon

Fashion Barron
Don't look now but Barron Trump is fast becoming a fashion icon.

As the 11-year-old boarded Marine One to spend Father's Day weekend at Camp David with his parents, he was rocking shorts with the crest of London soccer team Arsenal and matching knee socks.

The President was an avid soccer player during his high school days, it looks like his passion for the sport has been passed on to his youngest child.

Barron's attire for the weekend has spawned whispers that he is making a statement with his outfits and he's made an impact in the fashion world.

On the weekend prior, he was spotted wearing a J. Crew shirt that read "The Expert" on it. The shirt was later sold-out online.

This past weekend marked the first time President Trump has visited the secluded retreat in the mountains of Maryland since his inauguration.

Melania Trump tweeted a photo of the grounds with the caption: "Barron, @potus and I enjoying beautiful Camp David!"

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