Monday, May 1, 2017

Playboy Presents A Thin Babe With a Baby

Brook Power
Unlike the unhealthy lifestyle being promoted by Yahoo! Beauty articles, Playboy gave everyone something to be excited about. It has just crowned its 2017 Playmate of the Year.

Brook Power is not only the first Native American model to snag the title, she's also a new mom and she is not obese, curvy or fat.

Power, who is based in Oahu, Hawaii, gave birth only five months ago to son Ozzie with partner Zac Taylor, also a model. On the cover, Power poses topless in a tropical setting with a carefully positioned parrot, and in one interior shot, she leans against rocks in a waterfall, topless and wearing sheer, gold embroidered pants.

On Instagram, one fan called the cover "Iconic, revolutionary, stunning!" and another wrote, "Hell yeah, babes with babies."

The new mom clearly had no reservations stripping down postpartum. "When you’re modeling, you're constantly getting undressed and changing in front of everyone," she told Playboy in the new issue, which hits stands on April 25. "I also trusted the aesthetic that I knew the photographer would capture. I think you and I both knew this wasn’t going to be something we would ever regret. It's something we're proud of doing."

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