Monday, May 8, 2017

Esprit Brings Back The Pastel Of The '80s

"We love the versatility, the ease – it’s really about embracing the California ease and the bold sensibility," Carol Lim, co-founder of Opening Ceremony said to Yahoo Style when asked to describe the brand's newest collection with Esprit.

This will be Opening Ceremony's second collaboration with the San Francisco-bred company known for its pastel color palette showcased in their bold logo tees, hoodies, and sweats that were so iconic during the 1980s.

Although Esprit no longer has its own storefronts in the U.S., the company has gone on to expand internationally, and truthfully, more fruitfully in Europe and Asia. However, the original spirt and vivacity that the brand brought forth during its heyday was something both Lim and her counterpart Humberto Leon were not only inspired by, but a sensibility that they wanted to revive to "tell the [Esprit] story," as Lim puts it.

The new campaign for the collection stars a diverse cast, including two new breakout models with famous lineage — Coco Gordon (daughter of husband-wife duo behind the band, Sonic Youth) and Arsun Sorrenti (son of legendary fashion photographer, Mario Sorrenti).

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