Monday, April 10, 2017

Thigh Gap Means She Is Obviously A Female

Thigh Gap Galore
Why are men attracted to a woman's thigh gap? There are several reasons to this, but the most obvious one is because thigh gap shows that she is really a female with no hanging balls.

The male and female body is actually very similar apart from obvious feminine features from the woman and obvious masculine features from a man.

For a woman, some obvious feminine features are her hips, her breasts and if she has a thigh gap, her thigh gap.

A subtle feminine feature can also be her face if she has a very feminine looking face.

To be clear, the attractiveness of a woman’s thigh gap has more to do with what is going on above her knees.

It doesn't matter if her knees touch or even if her thighs are slightly touching because the most attractive feature of a thigh gap is the pussy gap.

What attracts men to a woman's thigh gap the most is that flat line in between her legs or the subtle mound.

Since there are no hanging balls, no bulge from a dick and it's just flat or a slight mound, a man’s primal instinct of attraction is triggered because she’s obviously a female.

The way that a man's attraction to a woman works is that men are attracted to feminine features about a woman, things about a woman that make her look different from a man (e.g. her breasts, her hips, the shape of her butt, her face and if she has a thigh gap, that as well).

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