Monday, April 24, 2017

Sony's New Patent For A Handheld System

Sony's Handheld
Gamers all over the world who fell in love with their PS Vita’s are hoping for the future after Sony has filed a patent for what looks to be a new portable handheld system. A closer look at the schematics revealed that it looks like it has taken quite a few design cues from the Nintendo Switch.

NeoGAF user ponpo is the one who spotted the patent. It was apparently filed in 2015, but has just recently become public.

It certainly doesn't look as elegant as a PS Vita, but it does trade sleek design for a greater ergonomic feel. What it does look like is some sort of tablet device that's sitting in a controller mount. It actually looks most similar to the Gamepad Controller for the Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet. While the tablet might also resemble a phone, the patent photos suggest very little if any parts are removable.

This patent comes as a major surprise to Sony handheld fans. Especially after head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, confirmed in 2015 that with the advent of mobile phones, the climate for dedicated gaming handhelds was not healthy.

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