Thursday, April 6, 2017

Know The Difference

Curvy Is Not Fat
It really baffles sensible people how fat girls use the saying "Men go for curves, dogs go for bones." The hilarious thing about it is that the girls that use this phrase are always fat.

Curvy is a person with an hourglass shape (big boobs, thin fit waist, and a big butt.) Unfortunately, girls with big/small boobs, big fat stomach, and big enormous butts call themselves curvy.

Fat refers to persons with huge breasts, a huge butt, thunderthighs to go along with it, and then fat limbs. Oh yeah and then the biggest difference - that huge belly. Do they really not see that they are fat and not curvy?

Why is it that insane bloggers sugar coating these things? If they are fat, then they are not curvy. It's as simple as that.

Curvy is healthy or slim with an hourglass figure and not a round ball of fat.

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