Monday, March 6, 2017

U.S. Democrats Are Lost in Capitol

Treasure Hunt
This is really bizarre when Democrats act like mice looking for the cheese in the maze as hunt for a "secret room" where House GOP lawmakers are allegedly holding their replacement plan to the Obamacare.

Republicans are holding the bill in a secure room in the Capitol and making it only available to Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and their staff.

Democratic representatives walked around the Capitol building looking for the room that was holding the bill and were unable to find where it was being kept.

Democratic Representatives Pallone, Schakowsky, Joe Crowley, Hoyer and more wandered around the building, checking different Republicans offices and even a few random rooms.

Maybe while there at it, they try to find the US$ 2,500 savings that former President Barrack Obama promised to members of the inequitable health plan.

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