Sunday, March 19, 2017

Gamers Are Worried About Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Classic
Nintendo has released its next console, the Switch, but it also has a new piece of hardware out right now called the NES Classic Edition.

This highly on-demand adorable plug-and-play device looks like a miniature Nintendo Entertainment System and comes packing 30 classic games. The gamer only need to plug it into their TV, pick a game, and party like it’s 1989. It's a great looking device, but its handful of faults are telling. They're faults Nintendo has made many times over like supply shortage, and they work as reasons to temper everyone's expectations for the Switch.

Nintendo is notorious for hardware shortages. Despite the Wii launching in 2006, most stores couldn't keep it stocked even by Christmas 2008. Similar shortages happened with Nintendo’s Amiibo figures over the past couple of years.

There are two possible reasons why Nintendo might ship hardware in insufficient numbers, and neither of which are very flattering to Nintendo or good for consumers. One is that Nintendo wants to create artificial scarcity to ramp up hype for its hardware. The other is that Nintendo had no clue how popular the NES Classic would be, which would indicate that whoever's in charge of such things is bad at their job.

Either way, the result is that there are a whole lot of Nintendo fans out there who want an NES Classic but can't get one without shelling out big bucks on eBay.

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