Wednesday, February 1, 2017

To All American Liberals, This is What's Gonna Happen ...

Crying Liberals
U.S. President Donald Trump has been busy all week as seeks to keep to his campaign promises and make America great again for the legal residents. He started off by signing a long litany of executive orders, including building a border wall between Mexico and the U.S. and temporarily banning refugees and visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries.

As expected, the liberal are very disorientated to see someone in office who are doing what they intended to do when elected. So, let us explain this clearly to them and make them understand what is really going on.

The new administration of Trump is dismantling the liberal SOCIALIST Democrats and the self serving self perpetuating bureaucracies they established. Trump will do away with the so-called 'Politically Correct' speeches and restore the FREEDOM and INTENT of the Constitution and the 1st amendment - which also means preachers can preach without fear of Liberal Democrat SOCIALIST/NIZI reprisals.

The 45th President of the U.S. is ending the barbaric practice that Margaret Sanger endorsed. Sanger is the founder of that pro abortion group that loves taxpayer dollars to MURDER babies.

Trump is also restoring the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our Constitutional REPUBLIC. He is getting rid of the Jew-hating anti-Israeli policies of Liberal Socialist Democrats who have made friends with Pro-terrorist groups that murder their women at will for any small infraction and who have vowed to push all Israelis into the sea.

The majority of American States want Trump to do away with division and victim politics of the liberal socialist left. He is are doing away with the stupidity of the liberal show.

Lastly, Trump will protect the legal residents of the U.S. to free speech, because the more the liberals and their illegal immigrant kin talks, the more people are seeing just how they are!

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