Saturday, February 4, 2017

GNC Ad That Did Not Pass The NFL Review

GNC Live Well
Super Bowl usually ban ads because it's just too raunchy or controversial. For rookie GNC, which was hoping to break into the big leagues with its first commercial on the big-game broadcast, it was neither.

The National Football League (NFL) banned the sports nutrition and supplement company’s 30-second spot because about 3 percent of GNC’s products contain two substances that are verboten in the NFL (the league has more than 160 substances on its banned list). Fox, the network airing the game, had previously approved the spot, but the NFL has the final call.

The unaired ad, which is posted below, isn't all that scandalous. It simply shows some impressive feats of strength and people pumping iron in cool old warehouses. Instead, the dispute comes from the fact that GNC is listed on a memo from the NFL and the players’ union as a "prohibited company" because it has been "associated with the production, manufacture, or distribution of NFL banned substances," as USA Today notes.

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