Sunday, January 15, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Design Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S8
Raring to put the 2016 disaster behind them, Samsung is already looking pretty great this 2017. And if the above image of the Galaxy S8 is on the money then, with its global release date now known, the year is about to get even better ...

Briefly appearing on Weibo (regularly the leakers’ platform of choice) was the following Galaxy S8 image.

The key takeaways here are a design language which fits in with the existing Galaxy S7 Edge (and Galaxy S6 Edge+ before it) and also the consistent leaks many have heard so far: significantly slimmer top and bottom bezels and no home button (because the fingerprint sensor is built into the glass).

What the image did not make clear, however, is a sense of scale and this is frustrating given Samsung is expected to use the smaller bezels not to reduce the physical size of its smartphones but to give them much larger screens.

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