Saturday, January 21, 2017

Not Good News for Pokémon GO Players

Pokemon Go
Pokémon GO players thought that the game needs some updates and Niantic will provide new features after the end of Christmas. Niantic did release information about the first new patch coming to the game in a while, but its not what game players expected.

Other than fixing an egg issue on Apple Watch and traditional "minor text fixes," the patch also said that it "changed distance tracking to better account for GPS drift." For avid players, that is not good.

When players play Pokémon GO, even if they are standing still, they will often see their character move around, usually slightly, but sometimes they'll just jump around pretty significantly. This is called "GPS drift" where the satellites get a little scrambled about their exact position, so they either move a little or jump around a bit.

Given that Pokémon GO tracks egg hatching and buddy distance through GPS, not a pedometer, these small GPS drift shifts can actually add up over time and give players distance even when they're standing still.

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