Monday, January 16, 2017

Marvel Comics May Be Losing Ground

New and Despicable Avengers
In January 2015, sales of Marvel Comics has started to slowdown as they isolate their loyal fan base and rejected the original canon in favor of appeasing the transgenders, gays, midgets, east Indians, H1b workers, Muslims and illegal aliens. They aspire to be the liberal's wet dream and ignore the stories that comic purists has supported for decades.

In July 2015, DC Comics made a historical jump and a huge surge to topple Marvel comics in terms of print sales. The trend will most certainly continue after Marvel announced a new set of unpopular characters.

Marvel's U.S.Avengers – a comic series assembling a variety of Americans, both natural-born and immigrant, beneath the banner of the newly-re-titled American Intelligence Mechanics (AIM).

With a former X-Men Sunspot overseeing the team, the debut issue from writer Al Ewing continues his habit of re-imagining Marvel’s heroes, both in title and attitude. And it just wouldn't be an Avengers launch without brand new takes on classic characters that seeks to exclude Avengers followers to capture the non-productive segment of society.

To meet the race and gender requirements, Marvel introduced Dani Cage, the Captain America of the future (and daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, all grown up).

To cater to the whims of their Asian audience, a young woman scientist beneath the armor of the Iron Patriot was introduced. The chinky-eyed in question is Dr. Toni Ho, the daughter of the Dr. Ho Yinsen, who first assisted Tony Stark in assembling the very first suit of Iron Man armor while both held captive by terrorist forces.

In order to appease the aging segment of the population, General Robert L. Maverick was selected to be the geriatric representative and giving him the power of the Red Hulk.

The others, Enigma, Squirrel Girl and Cannonball are just token characters.

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