Monday, January 23, 2017

Liberals Like To Bully Children

Julie Bowen
How do liberals in the U.S. get their kicks? By bullying a child like Barron Trump.

Julie Bowen tried hard to be funny, but no one is laughing at her inappropriate banter. The "Modern Family" second-rate actor posted a few Instagram photos during President Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony focusing on his 10-year-old son with wife, Melania.

She joked that Barron was probably playing with his Game Boy during the ceremony (even though the elementary school kid was probably not alive when the handheld games were a big thing). She followed this up by saying Barron having different political beliefs than dear old dad and that the rest of the world was with him.

She also joked that he was wiping away a tear.

The comedian, who’s always trying her best to get meager laughs, was criticized by several Trump supporters in Twitter who called her out for choosing "to focus on a child?" and asked: "What if the son was one of your own? You make me laugh weekly. This makes me sad."

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