Monday, January 30, 2017

Disturbing Selena Gomez's Photoshop Fail

Selena Gomez
Every Selena Gomez fan will fight tooth-and-nail to defend her honor and beauty. But one online photo floating around is raising, not one, but several eyebrows. Celebrity makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, posted a photo of Gomez on his Instagram last 13 January, ending the caption of the pic, #secretproject.

Usually his posts are harmless makeup inspiration, but fans couldn't help noticing that the photo, which shows off SelGo's casually gorgeous makeup look by Vanngo, seems to be photoshopped.

No, there’s nothing fishy about her perfectly made up face. It’s the warped metal doorframe by her shoulder that has everyone concerned.

Usually when warping like this is visible, it's because a star's waist or arms are being slimmed or hips widened. So seeing the wall warped like this above Sel's shoulder next to her hair is pretty weird. Like, did her shoulder need shrinking? Was the size of her head altered? What was the culprit trying to touchup?

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