Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Brad Hair Day Continues at 53

Brad Hair Day
If there is one actor that has a strong influence in hair style through the years, it's definitely Brad Pitt. He is one of the most recognizable people on the planet. But in spite of that, he’s rotated through an ever-changing range of hairstyles. Not all of them are flattering, but none of them are forgettable.

In 1991, Pitt displayed a high-rise pompadour from the barely seen movie "Johnny Suede." Two years later, in keeping with '90s trends, Pitt went for a grunge-meets-stoner look for "True Romance."

His flowing brunette locks contrasted with his gaunt pallor in 1994's "Interview With a Vampire" and in 1998 he complemented his formal "Meet Joe Black" -tie look with a simple parted blond 'do.

One of his most iconic roles was in 1999's "Fight Club." It also featured one of his iconic hairstyles: the spiky blond look. Love it or hate it, you definitely remember it.

Happy 53rd Birthday, Brad Pitt, and thanks for all the hair-spiration.

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