Tuesday, December 13, 2016

BMW Locks Downs Car Thief

BMW Locks Downs Car Thief
The new line of modern luxury cars are packed with all sorts of advanced security features. However, not even a company like BMW can protect against someone leaving their keys inside their brand new sedan. The good thing is that even thieves will not be able to take advantage of such colossal absentmindedness.

Seattle police released a report detailing the recent car theft. Apparently a BMW 550i driver borrowed the vehicle from a friend, and proceeded to leave the car unlocked in a parking garage with a set of keys right inside. A group of miscreants were browsing for possible scores when they stumbled upon the gift-wrapped BMW and one of the men decided to make it his own.

Once the friend — who was undoubtedly sweating bullets after realizing that they handed their friend’s pricey ride over to some thieves — contacted police, things started to get interesting. The cops proceeded to call BMW, which was able to track the vehicle and pinpoint its location, which they relayed to the officers.

Seattle police were also lucky that the stolen BMW also had remote door locks that could be activated from afar, which the company was happy to put to work. A short while later, the police found the BMW still running with the thief sleeping inside.

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