Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Best-Selling Comics for October is Not From Marvel Nor DC

Big Trouble
Diamond Comics has just released its sales figures for October 2016 and guess what? BOOM! Studios have the best-selling comic book.

Both Marvel and DC lost to the Kurt Russell-heavy crossover comic "Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York #1" which beat out all challengers, selling an estimated 421,625 copies (according to estimates from Comichron).

As with BOOM's previous #1 seller, "Bravest Warriors: Tales From the Holo John #1," those numbers were heavily inflated by the fact that "Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York #1" was included as part of the October 2016 Loot Crate subscription box.

Marvel can at least rest easy knowing that "Champions #1" was "the best-selling comic book of October 2016 in terms of dollars invoiced," according to Diamond's press release. Marvel got a subscription box-related boost of its own, though, as "Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1" managed to claim the third slot, thanks in part to its inclusion in the October 2016 Marvel Collectors Corps box.

The top ten best-selling comics for October 2016 included:

  1. Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York #1 (BOOM)
  2. Champions #1 (Marvel)
  3. Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1 (Marvel)
  4. The Dark Knight III: The Master Race #6 (DC)
  5. Batman #8 (DC)
  6. Batman #9 (DC)
  7. Civil War II #6 (Marvel)
  8. Star Wars: Darth Vader #25 (Marvel)
  9. All-Star Batman #3 (DC)
  10. The Walking Dead #159 (Image)
The question that should be ask though is what happened to the social experiment of Marvel transforming Captain Marvel into a teenage female suicide bomber, using a disease-riddled Jane Foster as She-Whor, killing off Bruce Banner in favor of a Chinky-eyed Hulk, giving the Captain America mantle to a poor version of Falcon in a star-spangled costume and making everyone's friendly-neighborhood spider into an immigrant across the border? Is anybody even buying them?

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