Friday, November 4, 2016

Kylie Jenner As The "Dirrty" Star

Kylie Aguilera
Kylie Jenner should not have any problem having a pretty great Halloween.

Last 28 October, the Lip Kit queen feted the weekend with a Dead Dinner. That skeleton-filled bash boasted cupcakes, gummy worms, and more, just like the kind anybody would have had in elementary school. The scary kind.

A day later, the Snapchat star traded her skeleton costume for one entirely different. Say hello to Kylie Aguilera, ladies and gents.

For followers of Jenner’s much discussed Instagram, the latest post deserved a second look. A cursory glance might have thought that the "Dirrty" star had commandeered King Kylie’s phone. A custom Bryan Hearns getup consisting of a white-and-red-striped bralette top, motorcycle jacket, and matching chaps gave Kardashian the perfect look for the night. Pair them with leather ties in her hair as well as a smoky eye and glossy nude lip, she was the spitting image of the "Bionic" singer way back in 2002.

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