Monday, October 3, 2016

The Potentials of PlayStation 4 Pro

In the unveiling of the PlayStation 4 Pro early September, Sony executives and game developers peppered their presentations with plenty of technical jargon and sales pitches. Marketing buzzwords, such as "immersive" and "visceral" and technobabble like "temporal and spatial anti-aliasing algorithms," were liberally used to describe the machine's potential.

But it was the heroine of Electronic Arts' upcoming "Mass Effect: Andromeda" who best summed up the PS4 Pro’s potential when she exclaimed, "The whole place is lighting up!" during an impressive gameplay preview.

While the character was actually referring to an impending alien attack in the game, she could have just as easily been talking about the PS4 Pro's ability to turn every light-based effect into a candy-coated treat for the eyes.

Sporting a GPU twice as powerful as the PlayStation 4, a high-power CPU, a 1TB hard drive, 4K resolution and high-dynamic (HDR) support, the PS4 Pro won't be wanting for back-of-the-box bullet points when it hits November 10 for US$ 399.99. But it was the PS4 Pro's HDR support that Sony was keen on showing off during up-close demos.

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